Rob Johnson

The Holmes Destroyer that Ed took apart hahaha so cool....  Awesome you got to play that bro.  Sick piece of history right there.



Jersey Frank

I thought the destroyer that he used on Women and Children first was the one that he cut up and made into the shark.


Hi Frank,

EVH did have his own Destroyer that became the Shark Guitar. Apparently he didn't like the sound as much after he chopped it up and asked Chris Holmes (from Wasp) if he could borrow his stock Destroyer. That is the guitar I recently got to play and it sounded great!

Bryan Z.

Nope, same error

Bryan Z.

Dweezil,  Still getting the same error message.

Thanks, Bryan

Bryan Z.

I got on at 3:00 EST and I got an " You do not have permission to access that page." error

Thunder Muscle

Same here, & I purchased the 5150 bundle


Hi Bryan,

Sorry to hear you are having problems accessing the content. If you are able to listen to the podcast from your bundle you should've been able to access the live stream and now the archived video. Are you able to watch the video in the archive? We will help find out the cause. Same for you Thunder Muscle.


Damn it. I don't have access to this content.