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Craig M.

We can't wait to have you back in San Diego!

Thank you for continuing to bring us all along on your incredible journey of discovery...

Patric  Chenaux

Cher Dweezil , Pardonnez-moi d'être hors sujet. Je viens de voir le film sur ton voyage en famille en Sicile pour retrouver tes racines. J'ai un ami suisse, originaire de Sicile par son père qui a rejoint la Suisse presque au moment où votre grand-père a quitté la Sicile pour les USA. Cet ami, Marco Zappa est un grand musicien, compositeur, guitariste, chanteur, multi-instrumentiste, pourrait bien être votre grand-oncle, son père étant peut-être le frère de votre grand-père. Cela ne vous coûte rien de nous contacter.

Passez un bon week-end



Tommy Quirk

I'm completely geeking out to the RWTD: AVH episode with Ryan Brown. 

THANK YOU for breaking down the "tap dance" overdub in "Hot for Teacher". 

I've had similar conversations with drummer friends who look at me like I'm a lunatic when I talk about the "rim hits'.   It's almost as if since they've played the song for so long that they've erased from their memory. 

So much fun listening to all of these episodes. 

Jeremy M.

This site continues to upgrade my music nerd status and prove that it’s my main passion. I play guitar and sing, but was still glued to the drum focused episode. Looking forward to the Seattle show! 


Hi Everyone!

I've been quite busy prepping for the tour but I wanted to pop in and let you all know that I appreciate your support! I have done some technical tests on the site and it is now possible for me to do some things I have not been able to do before. There will be more interactive elements coming to the site in the very near future. Live chat and special video access to rehearsals as they are happening live in the studio. I'll keep you posted on how it will work!

Todd B.

I hope you make it to the Houston area on this tour, it’s been to long! I want to bring my 19yo grandson to see you, show him what real music is!


We won't be able to play Texas on this run. Hopefully next time.

Todd B.

Dang, that’s to bad. I totally understand though, I’ve been reading and following everything you’ve had to do to get this tour up and going. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you make it to Texas next time. Good luck with the tour, I’ll be watching for video of the shows!


I am planning to film the tour so there will be a concert documentary at some point. Also, in July I will be offering a new subscription that will allow access to exclusive content and live video streaming of some key rehearsals in July, plus video Q&A. So if that interests you, that's coming soon!

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