Andy and Inca roads cover

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Jez D.

the more i hear Franks music the more i miss him

charlie c.

Dwezil, Is that you playing drums on Inca roads?  If it is, that's amazing! I had no idea.

Neil C.

Wow! That was fantastic! Took me a few minutes to realise what was going on but what an amazing musician! Saw Pygmy Twylyte in Glasgow last week -what a show! When are you back in Scotland?




Jean-Claude D.

Unfortunately, it's not me playing, but I wanted to share these videos. There are others on Youtube. The name of this french musician is Lili Guiochon.

Robert S.

here is the link to his YouTube Channel Lionel Guiochon - YouTube

Robert B.

what are you using to get that guitar solo tone on the second lead? 

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