(Pictured in the photo above - the 1975 Ibanez Destroyer used by EVH for tracks on VH 1 and Women And Children First. It visited my studio for a day and it sounded killer!)

Hello Everyone,

Tomorrow at noon PST I'll be going live on for the very first RWTD listening party!

I have no idea how many of you will be able to join me but I have tried to schedule the event at a time that would make it possible for people in multiple time zones to have the opportunity to chime in.

With that in mind, these listening parties are designed to interact and answer your questions. Please submit your questions in the comment section below and I will do my best to answer all of them during our live listening party.


The listening parties are exclusive to the RWTD bundles. If you have purchased any of the bundles you will be able to access the live streaming content as well as the post event archived streams.

All RWTD bundle owners may use this link to access the content: RWTD Listening Party # 1

See you tomorrow at noon PST!

David D

Hey dz...van Halen is great...but I would like to ask you plenty of questions about your that possible?...hope you’re doing well...dd

Lee R.

Hey Dweezil! Loved every second of the early years bundle. I'm not a Hagar era fan at all (no judgement here, just not my thing) but I am super curious about the 5150 transition and in particular how the record was conceived: I remember reading (maybe in Dave's book? ) that Dave had already worked on some of the stuff that eventually ended up on 5150 but wasn't really feeling it for whatever reason. Do you know much about that/were demos made/ and is it something you'll explore in your 5150 episode?  Thanks ! Lee 

Rob Johnson

The Holmes Destroyer that Ed took apart hahaha so cool....  Awesome you got to play that bro.  Sick piece of history right there.



Bryan Z.

Nope, same error

Bryan Z.

Dweezil,  Still getting the same error message.

Thanks, Bryan

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