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Dweezil posted a comment on the blog post RIP Eddie

I got my first guitar from my dad. Edward gave me my first guitar with a locking tremelo unit. Both experiences were life changing!......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the song ALL-INCLUSIVE - 5150 Bundle

Hi Simon, Thanks for the kind words! I watched your concert and it was great! It's not easy playing those songs! I also liked your own additions in the outro of House Of Pain. When it comes time to do the episode on the......Read more

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Dweezil posted a comment on the song Season One - The Early Years

Hi Bill, Hopefully very soon! I'm still doing some post production on it. I'll keep you informed. I can't wait for you all to hear the surprise audio in it.......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the song FREE FRACTAL SPEAKER IRs

Hi Huc, These are made specifically for the Fractal Audio Axe Effects units which use sysex files for speaker IRs. I'm sorry to say, I don't have the files in any other format.......Read more

Dweezil posted a comment on the song ALL-INCLUSIVE - 5150 Bundle

Hi Doug, Thanks for joining in on the podcast and thanks for the kind words! Congratulations on 14 years of marriage! Nice tattoo! I think you'll like the Billy Corgan episode, Fair Warning is his favorite Van Halen album.......Read more
Eduardo Gonzalo Muntaner

Dweezil, very good, really very good, Jesus is in your heart.


Thoughts for you and your family today, I feel lucky to live in times when we had FZ and I’m so glad we have DZ keeping up the family name in such a perfect way, homage.... music is the best! 

Ryan W.

i paid for the silver subscription, and was listening to the live apostrophe album when it logged me out and when I logged back in I can’t listen to anything and it tells me I need to subscribe. Please help, thank you. 


Hi Ryan,

I'm sorry that you're experiencing difficulties. I've passed your info on to the support team so they can help you. I'm sure they will be able to get it sorted.

Best, DZ


Hey DZ heard you lost your uncle .... just wanted to send condolences for your loss. 


Monday November 9, 1981 .... 39 years ago, today!

lucky me spent the evening with the band. Steve, Chad, Scott, Tommy, Ray, Ed, Big John was there, great band. We left college without tickets, paid a scalper list price and spent and evening with the Maestro. It was probably one of the loudest shows I have ever attended (you couldn't talk to the person beside you)  but the sound was crystal clear and visceral. My second FZ show ....

Monday November 9, 2020 .... We are so lucky that the apple didn't fall from from the tree!  Thanks for what you do DZ keeping the music alive ...... I miss live shows


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