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    Flo Po EVH (LIVE)
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"Florentine Pogen" premiere arrangement from 1974. This is the first arrangement my dad ever did of 'Flo Po' and I love the pounding energy it exudes. During the guitar solo on this particular performance, you can almost hear an inner dialogue in my mind, saying something like, "Play something like your dad, now do your own thing, now have some fun and say hi to Ed."

You'll know it when you hear it! "FLO PO EVH," is my mini tribute today to my friend Edward Van Halen.


Craig N.


When I heard the news yesterday, my first thought was that you and Wolfgang must be devastated.  I have no words.  Please share with Wolfgang the well-wishes from this community.  

Fozzy Bear

David D

Sorry to hear that news today 

Shawn J.

I know how much he meant to you.   May he and your dad be jamming in heaven.