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    Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch (LIVE)
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"Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch" is one of my dad's most challenging songs to perform. The original release from the album of the same name included multiple edits from different performances and even different bands, in order to create the version my dad thought, was acceptable for release. It's quite a strange combination of elements and features 2 guitars solos. The instrumental interludes are at times quite wicked, especially on guitar and keyboards.

The version I've released is from a live performance outside Chicago in 2018. I've done my best to recreate the dynaflanger guitar tones that were heard on the original version. Also, during my first solo, my guitar rig goes rogue and you can hear the delay buffer freak out. Instead of stopping the performance, I tried to play with it and do a call and response. You will hear a sort of degraded robot sound that appears randomly. I tried to react to it musically after each oddball utterance. It's a unique moment in time that could never happen again.

There's also an absolutely evil fuzz tone on the second solo. I really enjoyed playing this song on tour and there were quite a few epic musical moments that happened every time we played it.

I want to mix a version in ATMOS one day.

"Drowning Witch"

There's a ship arriving too late
To save a drowning witch
She was swimmin' along
Tryin' to keep a date
With a Merchant Marine
Who told her he was really rich
But it doesn't matter no more...
She's on the ocean floor
'N the water's all green down there
'N it's not very clean down there
'N water snakes
'N rusty wrecks
Is all that she can see
As the light goes dim
And she's tryin' to swim
Will she make it?
(Boy, we sure hope so...)

Not even a witch oughta be caughrt
On the bottom of America's spew-infested
Waterways, hey-hey...
She could get radiation all over her
She could mutate insanely...
She could mutate insanely... (that's right)
She could go on the freeway and grow up to be 15 feet tall
And scary-lookin'
And then...
Cars could crash all over the place
As a result of people with Hawaiian shirts on...
Lookin' up to see her face

Sardines in her eyebrows...
Lobsters up 'n down her forehead
And smelling very bad

Maybe a submarine could save her,
And bring her home to the Navy...
For some kind of ritual sacrifice...

F.O.H. Mix by Eran Ben Zur

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar

Adam Minkoff - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, Vocals, Keys

Kurt Morgan - Bass, Vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums

Chris Norton - Keys, Vocals

Cian Coey - Vocals

Pete Jones- Maniacal Laugh


Holy smokes GREAT performance!


Listening again.


Love it all... Including the robot sounds that I enjoyed so much  Damn, I never seen you play this song... Damn... I believe last time I saw you was in 2015 or 2016 when I disapear...


Hopefully you can come to a show next year!

Al W.

I always loved this song.

Al W.

LOVE the guitar work! 


Thanks! It was fun to play on that song.

Mark W.

  I have been listening to this album awesome track, playing loud