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    The GWEECH!
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This is deep from the archives. This may be the only recording that exists of this song. I had a cat that I named 'The GWEECH!'and this song was inspired by that cat.  It's an instrumental and it was performed at the Alligator Lounge, Santa Monica CA, 10-18-95.

It's crazy that I'm posting it nearly 25 YEARS to the day it was performed. It's from a bootleg tape of the show so the audio is not that good. I tweaked it as best as I could to make it sound better for you.

I was playing a gold sparkle Iceman guitar. You will hear a touch of Edward Van Halen influence on this track. By a touch - I mean an insane amount!

Todd F.

You may recognize the custom veneer work on one of the finest handmade wood paddles available in the  whitewater scene. The Gweech is mortal enemies with the rubber backed throw rug. They are his true nemesis.


Todd F.

I borrowed your awesome name for my #1 guy tabby. His full title is The Gweech RDNZL, Lord of Cheepnis Holler. He is a very good boy who loves cave tuna. He too loves your work, except for Oh! In The Sky, which gives him twitchy ears.

I have read there was also Marshmoff, and Fighty Bitey. I am as fascinated by the Zappa family pets as much as I am the Zappa family music. Cats in particular, what are some of the other names from the Zappa clowder?

David McCain

Great track! It's interesting that, since the pandemic has stopped most/all live music concerts, I find myself checking out boots for live concert experiences. This sounds pretty good! 


Here's the gold Iceman !!!




Thats a cool tune can hear the Evh influence, nice to know its the Iceman too.