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    November 19, 2020

(Runnin' With The Dweezil does not claim to be endorsed by Van Halen.)

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  • 8 bonus episodes that are exclusively available in the 5150 Bundle, including an in-depth "Reverse Engineering The Brown Sound!" Episode. 
  • Also included, a handful of Van Halen inspired custom guitar presets for Fractal Audio Axe Effects III made by Dweezil himself.
  • Custom presets for Line 6 Helix, and Kemper platforms made by other top guitarists, round out this all-inclusive package. If you've always wanted to get as close as possible to signature VH sounds, this package is for you!
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  • All 14 Individual Van Halen Album Podcast Episodes will be available for streaming and download A LA CARTE.
  • For Total Pricing Flexibility - A LA CARTE Album Episodes are $2.99   

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Taylor G.

Please remember that Dweezil makes nothing from doing Runnin' With The Dweezil on top of his regular job and life. All the money from this goes to the Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation. I understand the frustration, but I always remind myself of this before complaining in a public forum. The amazing access and content that these episodes contain is worth the wait. Thank you for doing this Dweezil!


I agree.

But if I take the same approach with my customers (advertise X things, invoice X things, but don't deliver these X things, the customer have all the rights to complain, I'm sorry but that's how it works).

Under promise and over deliver is usually better this way around.

And trust me, I never complain online. But I'm just annoyed and disappointed like many here about the situation. That's all. (and this doesn't question the great quality content already out and that everyone paid for here too)

Taylor G.

freak6767 When he started this, it was during Covid quarantine or lockdown. Dweezil probably had a lot more time to do this stuff. Now that’s over, he probably doesn’t paying the bills comes first and he’s underwater with a lot of this. I understand your frustration and totally agree with your comments.


Well, it's frustrating that we dont even get a reply from DZ on the questions below anymore...

Im usually not the type of person to complain at all, but the level of frustration for a product we actually paid for is real.

Regards, J


Hi Dweezil. You don’t remember me, but we spoke at length about Van Halen in Kansas City outside of your Hendrix Tribute tour bus right after ADKOT came out. Your podcast has been amazing, and I appreciate that you are prioritizing quality over timeline for everything included in the 5150 package. I know it would be easy to just quickly record some interviews and post some half-assed guitar presets for AxeFX and Helix, but why do that when so many others already have?


I do share some of the same frustrations as others who have recently posted comments asking about deliverables. An update from you addressing the current state of deliverables and setting new timeline expectations would be helpful and would probably go a long way towards keeping members’ confidence levels up.

Gareth R.

Hi Dweezil,

I would like to respectfully suggest you remove the following text from this page:

  • 8 bonus episodes that are exclusively available in the 5150 Bundle, including an in-depth "Reverse Engineering The Brown Sound!" Episode. 
  • Also included, a handful of Van Halen inspired custom guitar presets for Fractal Audio Axe Effects III made by Dweezil himself.
  • Custom presets for Line 6 Helix, and Kemper platforms made by other top guitarists, round out this all-inclusive package. If you've always wanted to get as close as possible to signature VH sounds, this package is for you!


It was the custom presets and "reverse engineering the brown sound" that initally attracted me to buying the $51.50 package.   I made my order in May 2021, so it's safe to say that I have been patient waiting on these, and they still aren't here over a year later.  The way your site reads, to me at least, make it seem as though these goodies are already available, which they aren't.

I am enjoying the episodes so far, but have been overall quite disappointed.  I appreciate you're busy, as we all are, with other things going on in life.  You have to appreciate how disappointing it is when someone advertises something, only for the buyer to discover the advert has misled them.  


Jody L.

I actually just thought I couldn’t find this stuff that it was hidden or maybe would be sent by email?

Definitely love the episodes so far. Love to hear even more about the first few albums! Just saw at Guitar Cntr VH1 on vinyl for $26 dang inflation!


As much as I like Dweezil, I unfortunately have to agree with the comment above.

I purchased the 5150 bundle on November 20th; and still no signs of the Fractal presets and reverse engineering episode.

While the episodes are all great, I have never seen so many reasons/excuses on all the delays there have been in almost 2 years.

As Gareth R. mentioned it above, could you please either clearly clarify the situation regarding these items we paid for the 5150 bundle once and for all?

Thank you

Jody L.

Also how do I retrieve the subscription to the magazine?

Steve S.

Any updates on the Balance episode? Working on 3 months since the last one? Thanks 

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