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    Muffin Man (LIVE)
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MUFFIN MAN (LIVE) Englewood, NJ - 9/13/2019

Check out the guitar tone - it's my homage to my dad's killer guitar sound on "Hog Heaven."


Thanks! On the original Hog Heaven tone my dad used a Mutron Octave Divider. That octave divider doesn't sound like other low octave pedals and the only way I could recreate the sound in the Fractal was by using a ringmodulator that I tuned to the low octave. There's also some flanging, phasing, delay, and a direct clean sound involved as well as the use of a wah pedal - all created in the Fractal Preset.

Buddy Seamus

I love your guitar tone!! What was the thought process when you were retrofitting it to sound like that?