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    The Black Page 'Vocal Challenge"
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This "vocal challenge" was a spontaneous happening live on stage. Imagine trying to improvise a conversation in the rhythms of The Black Page. Adam Minkoff and Ryan Brown are wizards or being able to think in real time, filtering their thoughts within the complex rhythms of "The Black Page." This was the only time this idea was ever attempted. It was fun to hear the results.


Dweezil Zappa - Lead guitar and vocals

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone, flute, brass, keys and vocals

Adam Minkoff - Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, percussion and keys

Kurt Morgan - Bass and vocals

Ryan Brown - Drums and vocals

Cian Coey - Lead and background vocals, percussion

Chris Norton - Keyboards and vocals

F.O.H. Mix:

Eran Ben Zur

Allen G.

I became aware of Adam Minkoff through his amazing work with Doyle Bramhall II after seeing them live. I was an instant fan. He is musicianship defined. Dweezil, if you should happen to communicate with him in the future, please let Adam know he is being put on a pedestal by a weird Van Halen fan in Houston!

Grotchy Brax

Last week, on Sonobus, a live music platform, a cello teacher from Tel-Aviv, knowing that I was fan of Frank's music, after a nice gig of live music, played me THE BLACK PAGE on cello, just for me .... It was another kind of magic .... I loved this moment ... 


Nice! I bet it sounded great.

Richard Drakes

I am constantly in awe of the musicianship on that stage. 
How about that one for anyone auditioning in the future!


Frank would have loved this.

Vegetable, (Call Any?)

Absolutely crazy funny and equally  super creative! Best time I had all day hearing that!!! Omg that's crazy! Wish I'd been at that show! <3