Dweezil Zappa and Joe Bonamassa

I was invited to be a guest on Joe Bonamassa's video podcast - Live From Nerdville.

Check it out if you like.


Thank you for explaining how the music business works (or not) these days. I am interested in supporting artists not social media or record companies. I was buying CDs and attending concerts, but somehow that doesn’t seem like enough. I am not a guitar player but I have always been fascinated with the creative process, so that discussion was fun too.

I love your concerts playing your father’s music but I would like to hear your stuff too!

Lesa M.

Thanks for posting this interview, Dweezil. So interesting hearing your accounts about growing up in the Zappa household as a budding musician! 

David McCain

Enjoyed this! I would say that I am seeing more " subscription based " mentalities lately ( where Joe and DZ talk about the 36:00 minute mark ).


For example, next to more musicians using platforms such as Reward Music or even Pateron, I've been in touch with a few managers/chefs in restaurants ( especially in the Northern California area ) who are creating their own platforms for monies from certain demographics. For example, my wife and I ( while celebrating our anniversary dinner last night at a top end restaurant ) were invited to participate in a group dinner ( consisting of five or more people ) at this restaurant where each person contributes $40.00 each and the result is a much bigger dinner/desert menu choices. After hearing about this dinner platform, it sounds like more people ( especially in the Sacramento area where I reside ) are participating in these groups. Despite the challenges the pandemic has all thrown us, I can definitely see more folks buying specific products where these same people participate in platforms for specific content. 


I wish there was a way to inspire people further into these platforms in such a way that it could actually change the way we do commerce.

John P.

Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing....Thank you for providing me the opportunity to be a part of the Reward Music program. I was at the point of just giving up, figured I really had no purpose to pursue this musical path anymore. Reward Music gave me the confidence and inspiration to move forward. If you have the chance, I invite you to join my website and see how your vision has influenced mine.

Thanks again.

John Price