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    Dweezil Zappa - Dinosaur

Dinosaur is an instrumental track that features multiple guest guitarists. It was recorded after my 2013 DWEEZILLA Music Bootcamp. The guest teachers at my camp all played on this track. There's also a very special guest who plays the last solo. The soloists appear in this order:

James Santiago

David Walliman

Matt Picone

Tom Quayle

Oz Noy

Dweezil Zappa

Derryl Gabel

Chris Buono

Frank Zappa  (My dad appears via Xenochrony - I superimposed one of his live solos from "City Of Tiny Lites" from 1978 on top of this recording)

james a.

You did a fantastic job of synthesizing a lot of coreball complex information into a concise article.



Jan E.

This one I got thru Pledgemusic. Lost it in a disk-crash sadly.

Also lost H Otter D Oeuvres.


Great jam!


It is with great joy that I am subscribing to "Silver" .... thx for that!

Does Dinosaur exist in wave or flac format? so great song !



Hi Christophe,

Thank you for your support. I will upload a higher-res version of Dinosaur at some point. At the moment I do not have access to a higher-res version.

Best, DZ

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