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    I Want To Ta Ta You Babe (LIVE)
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"I Want To Ta Ta You Babe" is a Johnny Guitar Watson song. My dad was friends with Johnny and was also inspired by his musicianship. I think we only played this song 4-5 times while touring in Europe in 2016.

Mikki Hommel sings lead vocals.

F.O.H mix - Eran Ben Zur

Dweezil Zappa - Lead Guitar

Mikki Hommel - Lead Vocal

Scheila Gonzalez - Saxophone

Kurt Morgan - Bass

Ryan Brown - Drums

Chris Norton - Keys

Ben Thomas - Trumpet

Don Kraus

Just stepped into the community. Great crystal clear sound!


Hi Don! Welcome!!!

I hope you enjoy all the new music and other goodies on the site. I will be adding more and more each month. Best, DZ

Nelson N.

I’m a silver member but for some reason can’t hear this entire song... please let me know why


Hi Nelson,

You should be able to stream it in its entirety and download it. I will have our team check on it for you. Sorry for the delay on your ability to enjoy the whole song.


Zappa plays ZBlues.  Love to hear that album.  ???  I'm in.

Mark W.

Loving this