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    Directly From My Heart To You (LIVE)
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"Directly From My Heart To You"

The track appeared on the 'Weasels Ripped My Flesh' album and featured Don "Sugarcane" Harris on electric violin. I was trying to create a balance between a guitar sound and an electric violin sound on this live version from 2018. I have some versions where I use the guitar sound only. I may find one and upload that for comparison.

Christopher Opperman

Very cool!

Roy M.

I love the story of how Frank sought Sugarcane out for the Hot Rats album, finding him in prison and helping him out....


You really captured the feel of the original. A great vocal performance, and your guitar.. just wonderful. Youtube clips aside, I have not seen this version of your band live yet. Hopefully you can keep all these fine musicians around until the world returns to normal and you're touring again. Cheers, Mark

Timothy G.


Steve Thorne

You got any Bamboozled By Love or San Ber'dino that good? Hope so!


I do have some Bamboozled By Love renditions to explore! Probably some San Ber'dino and Andy too.

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